Monday, March 30, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 32: March 30, 2015

Hey family,

Elder Tesch and I had a pretty good week other than for Sunday. None
of our investigators showed up to church and one of our investigators didn't take the
word of wisdom that well. But I think that it will blow over, we just
need to meet with him and he will remind him what he needs to do. 

This week I went on exchanges with Elder Oyler in my area. We went and saw
some of the people he knew when he was in this ward. We also found
a new investigator together. Elder Oyler was like "that's more than we got in
Lees burg"! On Saturday, we had an Easter egg hunt with our ward and it
was freezing. Our ward also had an Easter program on Sunday because
general conferences next week.

I wrote John Motley a letter and I was going to send it but I wanted
to put a picture of the whole family with it. I will try and send that
to him this week or just wait till transfers and give it to the elders
in that ward. Transfers are not this Thursday, but the next. Elder
Tesch is more than likely going to be leaving. We asked President if
we could do three transfers together but he just laughed. I will be
here in Mount Vernon for probably one more transfer and then leave. I love being
companions with Elder Tesch though. He goes home one transfer before
 me so we will be in the mission for pretty much the whole time together.
 All my good buddies out here go home this summer and fall. So I'm
 glad Elder Tesch and Elder Rob will be here when they all go home.

We're going to DC again today for a p day.  I will try and send some
pictures later on today and may be a little bit more in the letter.
I'm doing really good.

Do you have any advice on how to teach the Godhead when people believe
in the Trinity. I have multiple scriptures in John and what not but
I'm curious if you had any advice and if you guys could help me out a
little bit and maybe something that stuck out to you mom when you are
investigating since you believed in the Trinity right?

Please do me a favor and get going on the college stuff that would be
a huge favor to me and also would keep me focused on the work if you
guys would do that for me. Also talk to sister Jenkins and sister
Trentman to see if we can be roommates with Davis and Chancey when I
get back. I know that UVU students and BYU students can live in the
same housing.

Love you guys and I'll write to you next week 
love Elder Frew

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