Monday, March 16, 2015

Washington DC South Mission, Week 30: March 16, 2015

Hi family;

So we had an interesting week. This week we got our new iPads.
The iPad is really nice. I found out that I can talk into it and it
will type me emails out for me. So I'm doing that which is really nice
because it saves so much time. This week we had a few lessons with
Tony and his family it went really well. We did some marriage
counseling with them. They don't have the best relationship and we're
trying to help them. Tony came to church again back to back weeks. He
is still on date and he has been smoke free for 5 days now. We also
went on exchanges which was fun. I played one of the young men in our
ward in a  one on one and he beat me, because I was playing in my suit and
tie. He is a really big kid he's taller then Elder Tesch and he's only 17.

Elder Tesch and I  also tried to catch a squirrel that always sits
right outside our window. I tied some floss to a granola bar and it
actually worked pretty well ha ha.I'll send you the video I made of it.

 Today for P-day we get to go into Washing DC. It's suppose to be 
pretty warm and get up into the 60s. Hopefully we won't have anymore
 snow and it'll just keep getting warmer. 

Things have been going really well here in Mount Vernon ward... We had
interviews with President Riggs this week which was really good. I
asked him for a few favors ha ha. I first told him that I wanted to
train my buddy when he comes out this summer and it sounded like he
was in favor of hooking me up with that. Then I asked him if Elder
Tesch and I could stay together again next transfer which would be 3
in a row. Elder Tesch interviewed first so he already asked him too,
and he just laughed and was like nope! So Elder Tesch will probably be
gone next transfer in April. This is a 7 week transfer too so after
this it will be 13 weeks that we've been together. It's gone by super
fast. Kinda crazy.Well its bee a good week. Sorry I can't write more because
were in DC now. love you, Elder Frew

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