Monday, March 30, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 32: March 30, 2015

Hey family,

Elder Tesch and I had a pretty good week other than for Sunday. None
of our investigators showed up to church and one of our investigators didn't take the
word of wisdom that well. But I think that it will blow over, we just
need to meet with him and he will remind him what he needs to do. 

This week I went on exchanges with Elder Oyler in my area. We went and saw
some of the people he knew when he was in this ward. We also found
a new investigator together. Elder Oyler was like "that's more than we got in
Lees burg"! On Saturday, we had an Easter egg hunt with our ward and it
was freezing. Our ward also had an Easter program on Sunday because
general conferences next week.

I wrote John Motley a letter and I was going to send it but I wanted
to put a picture of the whole family with it. I will try and send that
to him this week or just wait till transfers and give it to the elders
in that ward. Transfers are not this Thursday, but the next. Elder
Tesch is more than likely going to be leaving. We asked President if
we could do three transfers together but he just laughed. I will be
here in Mount Vernon for probably one more transfer and then leave. I love being
companions with Elder Tesch though. He goes home one transfer before
 me so we will be in the mission for pretty much the whole time together.
 All my good buddies out here go home this summer and fall. So I'm
 glad Elder Tesch and Elder Rob will be here when they all go home.

We're going to DC again today for a p day.  I will try and send some
pictures later on today and may be a little bit more in the letter.
I'm doing really good.

Do you have any advice on how to teach the Godhead when people believe
in the Trinity. I have multiple scriptures in John and what not but
I'm curious if you had any advice and if you guys could help me out a
little bit and maybe something that stuck out to you mom when you are
investigating since you believed in the Trinity right?

Please do me a favor and get going on the college stuff that would be
a huge favor to me and also would keep me focused on the work if you
guys would do that for me. Also talk to sister Jenkins and sister
Trentman to see if we can be roommates with Davis and Chancey when I
get back. I know that UVU students and BYU students can live in the
same housing.

Love you guys and I'll write to you next week 
love Elder Frew

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 31: March 22, 2015

Hey family

So we had a really good week. On Tuesday we had a specialized training
with our zone and the Alexandria zone. President and the ap's came.
They trained us on how to use the Book of Mormon, planning, and the
new iPads. It was good but really long from 9am to 4 pm. During lunch
we played a huge game of knock out which was fun. This week we also
met with our investigator Barbara Sandoval. She came to church on
Sunday with her daughter who is also named Barbara. That  was really
big. She hasn't come to church since we've been here. Tony came again
for the third straight week and he is doing really good. We set his
baptism date for April 11th rather than the 28 of this month because of
conference coming up soon. Transfers are on the 9th of April, Elder
Tesch will more than likely be gone and then I will stay in Mount
Vernon for 1 more transfer.

On Saturday night we went and had dinner at a members home with Tony
Clements our investigator who is on date. Brother Howard the member
cooked picana. It's Brazilian for tri-tip and it was probably the best
steak I have ever had before. And there was a ton of it! We didn't
even put a dent in the meat. It was Super good food.

I got your package In the mail this week. Thanks for the lobster tie.
I really like it whoever found that. Today for PDay I think we're
going to play football or soccer. Things are going good. It dropped down
to the 40s and 30s again this week which stinks. I'm so sick of the
freakin cold weather. Also make sure you look over the email I sent
about my college stuff. If you can find that out for me you will save
me time, stress, and being focused.  Here is  Elder Tesch and I last week
in DC.

Love Elder Frew
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Washington DC South Mission, Week 30: March 16, 2015

Hi family;

So we had an interesting week. This week we got our new iPads.
The iPad is really nice. I found out that I can talk into it and it
will type me emails out for me. So I'm doing that which is really nice
because it saves so much time. This week we had a few lessons with
Tony and his family it went really well. We did some marriage
counseling with them. They don't have the best relationship and we're
trying to help them. Tony came to church again back to back weeks. He
is still on date and he has been smoke free for 5 days now. We also
went on exchanges which was fun. I played one of the young men in our
ward in a  one on one and he beat me, because I was playing in my suit and
tie. He is a really big kid he's taller then Elder Tesch and he's only 17.

Elder Tesch and I  also tried to catch a squirrel that always sits
right outside our window. I tied some floss to a granola bar and it
actually worked pretty well ha ha.I'll send you the video I made of it.

 Today for P-day we get to go into Washing DC. It's suppose to be 
pretty warm and get up into the 60s. Hopefully we won't have anymore
 snow and it'll just keep getting warmer. 

Things have been going really well here in Mount Vernon ward... We had
interviews with President Riggs this week which was really good. I
asked him for a few favors ha ha. I first told him that I wanted to
train my buddy when he comes out this summer and it sounded like he
was in favor of hooking me up with that. Then I asked him if Elder
Tesch and I could stay together again next transfer which would be 3
in a row. Elder Tesch interviewed first so he already asked him too,
and he just laughed and was like nope! So Elder Tesch will probably be
gone next transfer in April. This is a 7 week transfer too so after
this it will be 13 weeks that we've been together. It's gone by super
fast. Kinda crazy.Well its bee a good week. Sorry I can't write more because
were in DC now. love you, Elder Frew

Monday, March 9, 2015

Washington DC Mission: Week 29: March 9, 2015

The meal Tony made for us after his daughters baptism
The Clements Family: Mt. Vernon, VA
Dear Family;

Elder Tesch and I get along great! This is our second transfer
together and it feels like we have only been companions for one. We both
are really similar. We both like sports, I love being companions with 
Elder Tesch. The time here in Mount Vernon has gone by really fast so far.
The Ward here in Mt. Vernon is really cool. It is so diverse with so many 
different types of people which I really like.

So this last transfer was very interesting. At the beginning of it we tracted a
lot and we found a few new potential investigators to teach. So Elder Tesch 
and I went back to check on one and he lets us in within a few minutes we both
realize that this guy is "not all together". Then he invited his two
roommates to come and listen to us. They walk down the stairs and
we realize that this whole house is full of partially handicapped or very special
 needs people.We listened to a few crazy stories and finally decided none of 
them were accountable.I didn't realize that this was right next door to the 
lady we met last week who was also special needs. I should have put two and two together.

The last transfer (6-weeks) Elder Tesch and I didn't have one
investigator at church. So we've had a big drought. But this
weekend we finally had some luck! So there is a recently baptized lady
in our Ward who's husband isn't a member... Saturday two of their kids
got baptized by Elder Tesch. And I was a Witness at the baptism which was cool. The
kids and the dad absolutely love us mostly because of Elder Tesch though
ha ha. And the dad absolute frustrated with our sister missionaries that are in
our Ward. They "taught" the mom so they go over there all the time and
pretty much just hangout. The dad Tony has been totally against the
church until Elder Tesch and I came into the picture. Tony the dad
absolutely adores Elder Tesch. He always wants to do stuff for us and
goes out of his way to help us. Any way he wanted to have us over for
dinner after the baptism with Steak, shrimp and the works. So he kicked 
his wife out of the kitchen so that he could prepare the whole dinner. 
And it was an awesome dinner, but there was so much food.

After the feast we started talking about the baptism and what he
thought. He said he really liked. And the baptism did go really well.
We then started just talking about baptism and other church topics and
questions that he had.

 They have a little daughter that isn't old enough to be baptized yet that
 asked Tony to baptize her. And Tony told us he knows what he has to 
do so he can baptize his daughter.  As we talked we put him on date to
be baptized on the 28th of this month. It was a really good day for us after
we have had no success in 7-weeks.... So......................................
He came to church yesterday and he liked it. We are setting up a
baptismal calendar tonight with him. There is a lot he needs to know
before he is ready to be baptized, but Tony is going to get baptized for sure.
TIna is his wife's name by the way. They've had struggles in their marriage.
 TIna has changed a lot since she has been baptized and Tony told us some 
stories about her in the past. She text ed us and told us that she realized that
 this "whole thing"(gospel of JC) could save her marriage.

So we finally have someone on date and someone who is progressing.
This week we also have blood, as a district which was fun. One Elder
got into the chair to have blood drawn and saw the bag of blood and
decided he couldn't handle it haha.

 Today we have a zone activity and are going over to
teach the Clements family(Tina and tony). I will send you the dinner

Love you all
Elder Frew

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 28: March 1,2015

Hey family,

So this week was a little bit better than before but not by too much.
We went tracking one of the days for like 2 hours with nothing not
even a potential. 

We had a mission conference which was cool. We're
getting new iPads this week so we were instructed on how to use them.
It was a good meeting. I love mission conferences and seeing everyone
that's not in my zone that I haven't seen in a while.

I have been trying to eat super clean lately. I was eating oatmeal
like twice a day and then Elder Tesch  told me that oatmeal is 
more for bulking because of the carbs. So now I'm just eating
egg whites for breakfast. Talapia fish and chicken for
lunch and Salads between meals. And for dinner the members usually
feed us some lasagna or something like that.

That's super exciting that Dan got into byu-Provo. Ryan might be going to LA for
an internship? What's the details on that?

The weather has been really cold as usual; but today has been pretty warm.
Today for pday were playing basketball at the church with Elder Oyler.

Elder Frew