Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 27: February 24, 2015

Dear Family;

I have told you and dad thrice now that Tytia got baptized! I didn't
go because I was told the day before about it by Ames and I didn't
feel like driving all the way to lees burg that day.

So this last week it has been really cold and we got a lot of snow. So
elder Tesch and I decided to shovel people's driveways and try and
talk with them that way. It actually was really nice to do it that way
instead of knocking on doors. We got two people who told us to come
back. But yesterday during church we went over there to teach her and
we realized that she has a huge learning disability and she isn't
really all there mentally. I didn't really notice too much the night
before. We probably won't teach her again because she is handicapped
but we will see what happens. I feel really bad for her. So on
Saturday night after we got done shoveling snow for 4 hours we went
back home and were in bed at 10 o'clock when we heard a noise coming
from the phone. I picked it up and a member from the bishopric said
that one of us had to give a talk the next morning. Me and Tesch were
both trying to get out of it and the he sent another saying " elder
frew I need you to do it".... So I told him I would start on the
morning. So I gave a talk on Sunday. I told Tesch that if I gave the
talk that he had to go to ward council ha ha.

We help run this mini mtc thing that our stake was putting on for the
youth this week also. All the youth would learn to teach people with
fake investigators and fake knocking on doors. And we were going to
take the older kids back to our areas do work with us but there was a
blizzard going on so we all just stayed in the church. In a fake door
approach this lady brought up the revelations 20 scripture and after
the fake teaching she gave us scriptures to use I that situation which
was really cool. If you look up "LOST BOOKS" in the bible dictionary
it shows a ton of versus of the bible referencing scriptures in books
that are not in the old or New Testament. And there is a ton of them.
For example look up 1 chronicles 29:29... I didn't realize that there
were that many references of lost books in the bible. Showing us that
the bible is incomplete or it has things missing from it. I already
knew that but seeing how many there was really cool and gave me a new
way for teaching all those people who say the bible is complete and
doesn't need anymore.

This week we have a whole mission conference and we will be getting
the new iPads! We also will not be using face book for proselyting for
sometime because president feels it's not being used correctly. I'm
glad we're getting rid of face book though. It's really unproductive
and a lot times when you get on all you want to do is just browse for
people so I'm glad it's getting taking away. It's too distracting.

Love elder frew

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