Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 25- February 9,2015

Hi Family,

So this week pretty much stunk. We have 5 of our investigators moving
out of town. We really only have 1 left and she's not that solid. So
we are trying to do a lot of finding. No one wants to talk to us. And this
weekend was just the cherry on top. We had three different times where

we were knocking on doors and we were told that 
what we were doing was wrong and that we should go
home and re-think what we are doing. Two of them were people that we tried
to stop by and to teach. So it was not the greatest week.

Nothing to report on this week. Today for p-day we're going to play
basketball at the church and President Riggs is going to play with
us again. Transfers are coming up again on the 19th. This transfer has
gone by really fast. The next one will be my 6 month mark.( February 20)

Yesterday it was in the high 50s which was so nice. I decide that I hate the
cold weather on a mission. I just want it to be warm outside. I just
have to endure another month or so until it gets warm.

Not too much to talk about this week.
Love Elder Frew

(Letter received via snail mail)
Dear Mom and Dad,

I figured that since I wrote Daniel and John a letter that I would write you guys
one too. The only problem was I had to decide if I would use this paper or a
sticky note....hahha

I really love Mount Vernon a lot. I love my companion, Elder Tesch. We don't really
have anyone who is close to a baptism yet. There's a guy here who is ready and
has been for quite sometime but isn't married to his girlfriend and doesn't want
to get married.

Elder Tesch and I have been doing lots of finding. Our most promising investigators
are moving away. I love the ward here however we don't get fed as much as we did
in Lees burg. Although we do have 3 sets of missionaries in our ward boundaries, so
that's pretty understandable. If you want to send me some gift cards to subway or
Chipotle that would be nice.

Thank you for all that you do for me and all that you  have always done for me.
I miss everyone and especially Ofelia. But not like in a bad way.

Love your Son,

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