Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 24: February 2, 2015

Dear family
Last night was the super bowl and I heard that New England won. Last
night we really had a funny night. So we went to a dinner  at a
members home who's from Siri Leon in Africa named brother and sister
George. We walked in there home and he's got the super bowl playing on he
big screen and Elder Tesch and I are just like "praise the lord"! He
asked us if we were allowed to watch it. And the other elders who were
with us told him that we weren't supposed to watch it. Then he was like
"even on a day like this"? the other elder was like Ya. Then he was
like well you will just have to use your free agency then. Ha ha that
sounded like something I would always say when I was back home. Ha ha
so he kept it on. But we then had dinner and they made some Ghanaian
food for us. And it was super, super strong. I barely could handle it.
I started chocking almost. Our clothes smelled  like the food even
when we left their home that's how strong it was. Well,  anyway the table was
sitting pretty close to the TV so Elder Tesch and I made sure we got
the seats facing the TV so I got to catch quite a few "glimpses " of
the Super Bowl. I saw gronks catch and most of the 1st half.  I
honestly wasn't even listening to most of the dinner conversation and
then Elder George called me out... He looked at me and was like "are
you even listening to me right now? Ha ha he's like looking right at my eyes. He
was just laughing at me hahahah. He didn't even care. This member is
super , super funny. But then the freak in sister missionaries came and
we had to turn it off. Brother George was like "we got caught", when
the sisters came in.... Oh I saw he new Jurassic park trailer too.
That looks super cool.

John was baptized on Saturday. John and his wife had to go to work so
 it was at super early like 8:45 am. We showed 5 min late and they were waiting for us
 because I was giving the talk on baptism. I was a little disappointed. As soon as the 
baptism was over John had to leave for work so I only got like 2 photos. 
There still wasn't a ton of people there either from the ward to support
 him. Probably because it was so Fricken early. And I hardly got to
 even talk with him. His daughter is on date for next week to be baptized.
That's really good. But I'm not sure if I can get permission to go again.

This week for pday Elder Tesch and I stopped by the vitamin shop and
picked up some protein. And now we're playing some ball. I've been
using my George Foreman grill a ton, pretty much everyday. Ha ha good
deal. Things are good. I'm started to really like the ward. I got an
email from kofi today seeing how I've been and was asking about our
family.  (Kofi is one of Logan's good friends he met at BYU. His family is from Ghana and he's currently serving a Spanish speaking mission in Alabama)

Love you all
Elder Frew

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