Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 27: February 24, 2015

Dear Family;

I have told you and dad thrice now that Tytia got baptized! I didn't
go because I was told the day before about it by Ames and I didn't
feel like driving all the way to lees burg that day.

So this last week it has been really cold and we got a lot of snow. So
elder Tesch and I decided to shovel people's driveways and try and
talk with them that way. It actually was really nice to do it that way
instead of knocking on doors. We got two people who told us to come
back. But yesterday during church we went over there to teach her and
we realized that she has a huge learning disability and she isn't
really all there mentally. I didn't really notice too much the night
before. We probably won't teach her again because she is handicapped
but we will see what happens. I feel really bad for her. So on
Saturday night after we got done shoveling snow for 4 hours we went
back home and were in bed at 10 o'clock when we heard a noise coming
from the phone. I picked it up and a member from the bishopric said
that one of us had to give a talk the next morning. Me and Tesch were
both trying to get out of it and the he sent another saying " elder
frew I need you to do it".... So I told him I would start on the
morning. So I gave a talk on Sunday. I told Tesch that if I gave the
talk that he had to go to ward council ha ha.

We help run this mini mtc thing that our stake was putting on for the
youth this week also. All the youth would learn to teach people with
fake investigators and fake knocking on doors. And we were going to
take the older kids back to our areas do work with us but there was a
blizzard going on so we all just stayed in the church. In a fake door
approach this lady brought up the revelations 20 scripture and after
the fake teaching she gave us scriptures to use I that situation which
was really cool. If you look up "LOST BOOKS" in the bible dictionary
it shows a ton of versus of the bible referencing scriptures in books
that are not in the old or New Testament. And there is a ton of them.
For example look up 1 chronicles 29:29... I didn't realize that there
were that many references of lost books in the bible. Showing us that
the bible is incomplete or it has things missing from it. I already
knew that but seeing how many there was really cool and gave me a new
way for teaching all those people who say the bible is complete and
doesn't need anymore.

This week we have a whole mission conference and we will be getting
the new iPads! We also will not be using face book for proselyting for
sometime because president feels it's not being used correctly. I'm
glad we're getting rid of face book though. It's really unproductive
and a lot times when you get on all you want to do is just browse for
people so I'm glad it's getting taking away. It's too distracting.

Love elder frew

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 26: February 16, 2015

Hi Everyone:

So I found out this week that Rob Hild my buddy from BYU got his mission
call and was assigned to serve in the Washington DC South Mission also.
I was super excited to hear that. He was the guy that I have the picture with
the Stadium of Fire concert at BYU over the 4th of July this summer with
Charles Abuou. He will be out here in June the transfer that our new
mission president comes in and President and Sister Riggs go home. We didn't really
have too much success this week. We did a lot of knocking on doors and
didn't have any luck with it.

I got the letter from Ken and Mary Taylor and it had a Chipotle gift card, Thank
YOU TAYLOR FAMILY. Yes, mom I already sent them a thank you note  too.
I also got your Valentine's Day card in the mail too. Thank you!

Transfers are this Thursday so we will find out if Elder Tesch will
stay with me 1 more transfer or going somewhere else. We're thinking that
he will probably stay but you can never know. It has been super cold
here this week. This  morning it was 8 degrees and with wind chills
it's even worse. It's suppose to get down to 3 degrees this week and
probably get snow again.

Today we're playing soccer instead of basketball. I was feeling pretty
sick this morning but I'm feeling a bit better after some Meds. What medical
schools did Derek get into? And where are did they decide to go?

I will let you know what happens at transfers this week.

Love Elder Frew

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 25- February 9,2015

Hi Family,

So this week pretty much stunk. We have 5 of our investigators moving
out of town. We really only have 1 left and she's not that solid. So
we are trying to do a lot of finding. No one wants to talk to us. And this
weekend was just the cherry on top. We had three different times where

we were knocking on doors and we were told that 
what we were doing was wrong and that we should go
home and re-think what we are doing. Two of them were people that we tried
to stop by and to teach. So it was not the greatest week.

Nothing to report on this week. Today for p-day we're going to play
basketball at the church and President Riggs is going to play with
us again. Transfers are coming up again on the 19th. This transfer has
gone by really fast. The next one will be my 6 month mark.( February 20)

Yesterday it was in the high 50s which was so nice. I decide that I hate the
cold weather on a mission. I just want it to be warm outside. I just
have to endure another month or so until it gets warm.

Not too much to talk about this week.
Love Elder Frew

(Letter received via snail mail)
Dear Mom and Dad,

I figured that since I wrote Daniel and John a letter that I would write you guys
one too. The only problem was I had to decide if I would use this paper or a
sticky note....hahha

I really love Mount Vernon a lot. I love my companion, Elder Tesch. We don't really
have anyone who is close to a baptism yet. There's a guy here who is ready and
has been for quite sometime but isn't married to his girlfriend and doesn't want
to get married.

Elder Tesch and I have been doing lots of finding. Our most promising investigators
are moving away. I love the ward here however we don't get fed as much as we did
in Lees burg. Although we do have 3 sets of missionaries in our ward boundaries, so
that's pretty understandable. If you want to send me some gift cards to subway or
Chipotle that would be nice.

Thank you for all that you do for me and all that you  have always done for me.
I miss everyone and especially Ofelia. But not like in a bad way.

Love your Son,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 24: February 2, 2015

Dear family
Last night was the super bowl and I heard that New England won. Last
night we really had a funny night. So we went to a dinner  at a
members home who's from Siri Leon in Africa named brother and sister
George. We walked in there home and he's got the super bowl playing on he
big screen and Elder Tesch and I are just like "praise the lord"! He
asked us if we were allowed to watch it. And the other elders who were
with us told him that we weren't supposed to watch it. Then he was like
"even on a day like this"? the other elder was like Ya. Then he was
like well you will just have to use your free agency then. Ha ha that
sounded like something I would always say when I was back home. Ha ha
so he kept it on. But we then had dinner and they made some Ghanaian
food for us. And it was super, super strong. I barely could handle it.
I started chocking almost. Our clothes smelled  like the food even
when we left their home that's how strong it was. Well,  anyway the table was
sitting pretty close to the TV so Elder Tesch and I made sure we got
the seats facing the TV so I got to catch quite a few "glimpses " of
the Super Bowl. I saw gronks catch and most of the 1st half.  I
honestly wasn't even listening to most of the dinner conversation and
then Elder George called me out... He looked at me and was like "are
you even listening to me right now? Ha ha he's like looking right at my eyes. He
was just laughing at me hahahah. He didn't even care. This member is
super , super funny. But then the freak in sister missionaries came and
we had to turn it off. Brother George was like "we got caught", when
the sisters came in.... Oh I saw he new Jurassic park trailer too.
That looks super cool.

John was baptized on Saturday. John and his wife had to go to work so
 it was at super early like 8:45 am. We showed 5 min late and they were waiting for us
 because I was giving the talk on baptism. I was a little disappointed. As soon as the 
baptism was over John had to leave for work so I only got like 2 photos. 
There still wasn't a ton of people there either from the ward to support
 him. Probably because it was so Fricken early. And I hardly got to
 even talk with him. His daughter is on date for next week to be baptized.
That's really good. But I'm not sure if I can get permission to go again.

This week for pday Elder Tesch and I stopped by the vitamin shop and
picked up some protein. And now we're playing some ball. I've been
using my George Foreman grill a ton, pretty much everyday. Ha ha good
deal. Things are good. I'm started to really like the ward. I got an
email from kofi today seeing how I've been and was asking about our
family.  (Kofi is one of Logan's good friends he met at BYU. His family is from Ghana and he's currently serving a Spanish speaking mission in Alabama)

Love you all
Elder Frew