Monday, January 26, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 23: January 26, 2015

Dear Family; 
8:21 AM (10 hours ago)
So I got your package this week in the mail thanks a lot . But please
don't send those "kind"bars anymore. I'm not sure if no
one back home didn't want those so you decided to just throw them in there
for me to eat. But those things taste bad.  ha ha.... So Saturday
was John our investigators baptism back in Lees burg. We had a senior couple drive us
about an hour to the church only to find out when we got there that
John and his whole family had the flu. John still showed up and was
 about still going through with his baptism except he still felt sick and his
family wouldn't have been able to make it. So we encouraged him to post pone the baptism
till next Saturday. Also for some reason, the ward didn't know that the baptism
 that day so there was like 5 members there. I guess  Ames didn't tell the ward about the baptism.
John' s  baptism has been on date for a month. Anyways so next Saturday we will go back
again to Lees berg for the baptism. Afterwards when  we found out the
baptism was going to be postponed we went and watched the senior
couples grandson play basketball which was kinda fun. It brought back
memories of when Elder Tesch and I were both out on the court. 

This week we had a pretty productive week. We did a lot of finding since we
don't have really any solid investigators. 

This week after a member dinner Elder Tesch and I found a straight bar for working
out just sitting on the street. That was cool. It's a little rusty but
still pretty nice. 

We also went on exchanges with  the zone leaders. I went with 
Elder Macias who is a Spanish missionary which was super fun. 
I didn't really expect to say anything really because everyone we visited only spoke
Spanish. So I would just kinda sit there and listen, trying to pull out what they were talking about.
Then at  the end of the appointment I would just say like buenos
Dias or noches. Or me gusta tu Casa.... Just stuff I remembered from High School
Spanish class. Elder Macias is a really  cool zone leader. Elder Tesch had to go
with Elder Macias companion. Ha ha.... . We also had zone
conference this week. It went from 9am to 430 pm. It went by pretty
fast though.

 During the meeting President Riggs was telling us that
when we are teaching the "Law of Chastity", we need to use specific
words. And then he asked us what words he meant? Some sister was like
"sex"... Elder Oyler was sitting right in front of me and he started
laughing, the he looked back at me and I just started laughing. Then
President Riggs looked at me and asked what I was laughing about so I
just blamed it on Elder Oyler. Then President Riggs was like Elder Frew using very
specific words describe to me the Law of Chastity.  I  asked him
"what are you getting at"... and then he told me again to explain
specifically what we don't do (in front of the whole zone and the AP's,
and what not). And I was like "uhhhh. We save our....uhhhh. We don't
have sex till we're married". Then he was like what else...."uhhhh we
keep our minds clean"..... What else?.....( I turn to Elder Tesch and asked if
I got most of it)...then President asked what do we not do with
ourselves?  And I was just hesitant about saying it.. And eventually I
said it , and we don't do it with ourselves. Anyway the whole zone thought
that it was super funny and then afterward the meeting was over
President Riggs came and gave me a big hug..... 

P-day hasn't been too fun so far.
We went and stopped by a potential investigator this morning even though it's p-day
and he wasn' t there. Now we're just sitting at the library. It's
raining and kinda cold. Things are good though for me here in Mount
Vernon. I Realized how good it is to be with Elder Tesch when I saw Ames
again on Saturday. Although Elder Ames did give me a watch and a tie when I
got transferred which was nice of him. My six month mark is coming up
soon and its tradition to burn a tie.

I don't remember if I told you this but we found out who our new
mission president is going to be when President and Sister Riggs go home this summer.
It's David Huntsman, the brother to Jon Huntsman. I guess his dad was
the mission president in this mission when he was a kid which is kinda

Love you all Elder Frew

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 22-January 19, 1015

Dear family,

Last night our Ward  got invited to an interfaith choir thing that had
like ten churches sing. It was at a baptist church which was kinda
cool. I think that was the first time I've gone to another church
before. Praise the lord! So that turned out to be actually pretty fun.
Johns baptism is Saturday, which I'm really excited about. So more
about elder Tesch he is from Eden Utah. He played basketball football
and track in high school. He has a football scholarship when he gets
back to play at weber state. Things are a little slow in the area. We
don't really have any consistent investigators except for one family.
Not too much to Talk about this week. Today we're playing ball at the
stake center. Elder Oyler and elder Mathews are here. Love you all

Elder frew

Monday, January 12, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 21- January 12, 2015

My new address is  -2659 Arlington drive apt.202
                                   Alexandria, VA 22306

Dear Family,

So Monday through Wednesday I tried to say goodbye to some of the families that were in the Potomac crossing Ward. Sister Anderson took us out to lunch since me and Elder Mathews were leaving for sure. I loved the ward but I was ready for a change. Tuesday night I was up till 1am getting packed up for transfers and then I got up at 6am  because Elder Ames had to be there early for a training meeting. So we drove down to Centre ville for the meeting. It was a whopping 8 degrees that morning. Recently it has been so cold here. 

Anyways so as I was going into the transfer meeting I was dreaming of what 3 things I wanted to happen...... 1) I was hoping to serve in Mount Vernon because I thought it was a cool area when I was there for a baptism. 2) I was hoping to be In the same zone as Elder Mathews or Elder Oyler. 3) and lastly I wanted to get a cool companion.

What sweet,sweet music it was to my ears when I heard that I was going to be serving in the Mount Vernon Ward, and that my new companion was Elder Tesch (he's a big dude and he got some scholarships to play football after his mission, he's yoked out of his mind and is super cool), also Elder Mathews was called to be in the same zone as me which is the same zone that Elder Oyler is in.... So I got literally everything I was ever dreaming of. I've got a cool companion and I'm around some of my favorites missionaries in the mission; Elder Mathews and Elder Oyler, and I'm in the area that I wanted to be in...... I guess this is my reward for trying my best to love Elder Ames.

I will send some pictures  of John and Bahars family. And also the Addae family. Dad asked how John and Bahar are doing.... So Elder Ames messaged me and told me that they are still doing good. John is the one getting baptized on the 24th and Bahar is already a member. I guess their daughter Tatia who is 13 is also on date now for baptism also. I will be up here hopefully for the baptism. For pday today we are just playing ball at the gym as usual. We went to chipotle for lunch. 

Also you can send the package now. 
Love you all elder frew

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Washington DC South Mission: Week 20- January 5, 2015

Our Pday at the Washington DC Monuments
Elder Frew with John and Bahar Family
Dear family,
This week we have transfers on Thursday. The calls will come in
tonight telling us who is going to be transferred. John and Bahar came
again to church this week for the fourth time. They stayed for 2 hours
too. Elder Ames and i taught the gospel principles class the second
hour. Her and John are making some serious changes in their life. We
have another lesson with them tonight on the word of wisdom. They are
still on fire. For New Year's Eve we got to watch two movies. I
rallied all the elders to watch space jam. The sisters were kinda
ticked but it made my night to watch it. We also watched how to train
your dragon two. Today for pday we're having a nerd war as our zone
activity. Things are going good. Nothing too exciting is happening.
Basically just getting ready for transfers. Talk to you next week

Love elder frew