Monday, December 8, 2014

Washington DC South: Week 16- December 8, 2014

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Dear Family,

 I can't really remember
what happened this week. We have a Mission Christmas party this week
along with our Ward party which will be cool. This week should be
pretty quick with all the parties and stuff. I will get to see Elder Oyler
at the mission party which will be cool. For the Ward party all of the
four elders in our Ward bought these lady sweaters to wear at the xmas
party. I'm really looking forward to Christmas though. We're
going to be going to the Getts family for Christmas Day. That's the family
who the dad knows Sister Juarez. Then for Christmas Eve were going to
the Anderson family who are another one of my favorite families here. They have
been very generous and taken us out to some really nice restaurants here.

We watched the Christmas devotional also at a Ward members home who is dating a non
member. I will be trying to send my Christmas package off next week
hopefully. Tell John and Dan not to expect too much though.

Love Elder Frew

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Week 15

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