Monday, December 29, 2014

Washington DC South Mission: Week 19: December 29, 2014

Our visit last week to Washington, visiting all the monuments
Hey family,
It was fun to talk to you guys this week. I got Karli Christmas package this week also. John and Bahar came again to church this week with all their kids too. Bahar had work, but John wanted to stay for all three meetings. He said he really liked them. He and his family are doing well. John is progressing toward his baptismal date for January 24th. He's a very cool guy. He's very excited about being baptized. The day after Christmas we had a 1/2 mission conference which was really  good. I'm still sick unfortunately so it was hard for me to enjoy it. This Sunday we also got a new ward mission leader which is good because the one before wasn't...he just wasn't aggressive I guess. I sent you the pictures of our trip to the monuments. That was a lot of fun. I pretty much told you everything that's been going on when I skyped you. I sent our Christmas dunk fest videos to the boys. Till next week.

Elder Frew

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