Monday, December 15, 2014

Washington DC South Mission: Week 17- December 15, 2014

Dear family,

So I got your package in the mail this week. Thank you for all the
food. And cards.... However, I thought you would know me better than to
trust me opening just one present a day.  I didn't want wait to open a
gift just one at a time. So I opened the box and I just opened up all
the presents at once. Sorry if I ruined your 12 days of Christmas but
you know that is something that I would do. I was able to control
myself on the cards though. I'm a few days ahead though already. But
thanks for the package.

This week we had interviews with President Riggs as we usually do
every other transfer. Elder Ames went first and told him that we
hadn't been getting along. I usually would try and talk to him the
least amount as possible. When I went in for the interview he asked me
about how the companionship was doing. I told him that Elder Ames and
I have very different personalities, and we do things very different
ways. He asked if there was anything he could do to help us. I asked
"how do you cope with an annoying companion"? He said that you don't
cope with him.....he gave a mission wide talk about having charity and
not being" in a box toward people". He said a lot of things to me that
really affected me. We talked for a half- hour and we were only suppose
to go for ten or fifteen minutes. I also told him how I was frustrated with
the lack of success that I've had. He gave me a promise that if I had
charity towards Elder Ames and didn't just get cope with him till the end of
the transfer that I would have success.

After the meeting we went back to the apartment and sat on the bed
thinking about what choice I was going to make. I really just wanted
to cope with Ames and wait till I got a new companion. I was on my bed
pretty ticked off that I was stuck in this situation for another
month. I sat and really didn't want to try and make this work with
Elder Ames. But as I was sitting on the bed I watched a bible video that is
in the gospel library. The video is of Christ getting scourged and
crucified. After watching that I  knew what my decision needed to be.
I got up and went out of the room and started getting ready to go to
an appointment we had. Before I opened the door to the leave I
apologized to Elder Ames for being so annoyed with him and for trying to
ignore him. He accepted it and apologized as well. We went to Taco
Bell where we were meeting a member for a lesson. I walked in and to
ease my pain I ordered a burrito since the member wasn't there yet. A
worker there was on break and reading the bible. I didn't even start
the conversation he just said hi and introduced himself and asked if I
could answer some of the questions he had. (I was just like what the
heck is going on) as I'm answering his questions, giving him a b.o.m,
and starting to begin teaching, and other worker walks up to Elder Ames and
asks him some questions about the 12 tribes of Israel which was kinda weird.
Anyways after talking for a while we reschedule for a couple days
later and left. When went went back we taught him basically all of
the first two lessons.(this is inside Taco Bell both times). Also a
less active lady named Bahar came to Church this Sunday with her
non-member husband. She had two kids, one of them being 13 and not
baptized yet.

Since President Riggs interview things have been going a lot better. I
still have to exhort so much energy in not being annoyed with Elder Ames but
things overall are a lot better. Pres. Riggs said it was going to be
extremely hard also.........this week we also had our Ward party along
with our mission party. The mission party was sweet. I got to see Elder
Oyler again which was awesome along with the elders who came out with
me. For the Ward party the 4 elders in the Ward bought Christmas
cardigans to wear. The only problem was was that Walmart didn't have
men's cardigans so we had to buy women's. I will send you he pictures.

I'm looking forward to talking to everyone at Christmas.

Love you all Elder Frew

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