Monday, December 1, 2014

Washington DC South Mission: Week 15: December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl Football
First Snow of the season

Hey family,

Elder Ames and I had a pretty solid week. Elder Ames has been working
me like a dog and is very strict. I'm getting kinda used to it but
that doesn't mean that I like it yet.... haha. One thing different about
him than Elder Oyler is that he talks to everybody! We also don't ride our
bikes anymore because according to Ames it's too cold. So we just walk
around everywhere which I don't really like, but it has some
advantages.This week we met a girl named April just walking by her
house so we went and talked to her. She told us that her father died
in October and that she's been pretty depressed. We gave her a plan of
salvation pamphlet and talked to her about a few other gospel related
topics. We are suppose to meet again with her this Tuesday. Also this
week while we were walking around we met an inactive lady who has a
daughter who has a teenage daughter who hasn't been baptized yet. And
a non member husband. We invited them to church Sunday and they said
they were gunna be there but they didn't show. Most of the people we
invite don't anyways.... We also met a girl named Tina who was a twin
sister to one of our investigators who said we could come by later
this week. So we met some good potentials investigators this week but
we will see what happens.

This last week it snowed here for the first time since I have been
here which was cool. But now on pday it is in he high 60s and pretty
sunny. The weather here is so bipolar? Today we will probably play
football again which is fine with me. I will send a picture of the

For thanksgiving we had a turkey bowl in the morning that was a ton of
fun. It snowed a couple inches the night before so we played football
in the snow which was a lot of fun. After that we did some service for
a lady in our Ward who's going through a divorce and can't really walk
very well. So we were helping her clean her house and throwing a bunch
of crap out. Then for dinner we ate at the Gissemans home. She is
really nice. We had some pretty dang good food there too. We had a
deep fried turkey. And the pies were awesome. She gave us food to take
home too. Overall it was a great thanksgiving.

How is Daniels basketball team doing? Who's starting?
Love elder frew

Ps for package ideas
-beef jerky
- no sweets
- I'll add more later

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