Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 14: Note from the Grimmer Family

Hello Brother and Sister Frew,

We are members in the Leesburg Ward, and we had your son over for dinner a couple of times now because of splits mainly.  He doesn't go to the ward we attend, but we do know him.  His best friend, Chancey? Chauncey? Trentman (sorry, we do not actually know him), is the son of Mike Trentman, who is the younger brother of my husband's best friend, Terry Trentman.  We all, even me, lived in and grew up in Auburn, and graduated from Placer High School.  

It was a real treat to meet with your son, and see his wonderful spirit.  He said some touching things about how his dad would talk about blessings he and his family would receive because he was on his mission.   We know of those blessings too!  Missionaries are great, and we appreciate all that your son is doing out here in Virginia!  He is just starting out, and more and more blessings will come your way because he is doing what Heavenly Father needs/wants him to do :).     

​Have a great day!
The Grimmers,
Lonny and Dorothy​

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