Monday, November 17, 2014

Washington DC South: Week 13: November 17, 2014


My zone leader has a brand new bike that he hasn't used yet it is
still in the box. And I was going to buy it from him for 300 since I
am still borrowing other elders bike and its a good deal. So if you
want to deposit the money in my stifle card that would be nice so I
can get it from him.

Hey family
So last Monday was the first week that football was approved to play
on pday, so we went to a park and had a football game. It was a lot of
fun. Some elders were getting pretty ticked off at each other which
was funny to watch. Towards the end though I was trying to block my
district leader who played football in HS and he clocked me pretty
good with his elbow as he was trying to do a swim move past me. My
upper lip was huge. It took a few days for the swelling to go down.
And that little flappy thing in the middle of the upper gum got
completely knocked out. It's growing back really fast though.

We went on exchanges twice this week both with Elder Sanders. And we
went to the Grimmers again for dinner as you know already. We also had
dinner with the Ortegas a family in our Ward. They are neighbors with a
Ghanaian family with like 10 kids. Most of them came over and had
dinner with us too. We had a Foosball tournament and then shared a
message that went really well. We really want to teach them but the
mom is devoted to her church.

I got your package in the mail yesterday thanks a lot. It came at a
good time too. It is suppose to snow this week and it had been very
cold lately.

Transfers are this Thursday. I am more than likely staying and Oyler
will be leaving. I will be leading the area which will be kinda cool
and I will have a new companion.  But we won't know for sure until the
call comes Tuesday.

Love you all

Elder Logan Frew

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