Thursday, November 6, 2014

Washington DC South: Week 11: November 6, 2014

Leesburg, Virginia
Area Bond Fire
Elder Oyler's One Year Mark

Elder Frew on PDay: Potomac River 

Dorthy (Ikeda) Grimmer-cousin to Glen Ikeda, Brothe Grimmer /Elder Frew
Halloween Party with Zoone

Trick or Treat Party (Frozen Party)
Dear family,

So about Bart Bradshaw's brother,who lives in McLean, Virgina he is in our mission but I'm not in that part yet. I'm in Leesburg right now and I'll probably be here for the next 9 weeks. But I would still like the address in case  I get transferred there.

We had a lot of things  happen this week.On Tuesday of this week we had a half mission conference where Elder Kapiske of the Quorum of the 70 came and spoke to us along with President Riggs and a few other people. The conference was really good. I enjoyed listening to all the talks. Although the meeting started at 10a.m and went to 4p.m and we
were there about an hour early so we were at the meeting for basically the whole day. 

This week was Elder Oylers year mark so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and I paid for his meal. 
He also did a few other things to celebrate his year mark, like he burned a shirt.

 For Halloween our zone got together and watched frozen and despicable me 2. I was trying to rally all the elders to vote for space-jam as one of the movies. But there are so many girls in our zone that we didn't have a chance. Me and some the the other elders were annoyed at the fruity elders who voted for frozen. We also had
some pizza there along with a bunch of sugary stuff. It was a pretty fun Halloween especially for being on a mission.... 

I got your last package you sent to me this week. You didn't tell me you sent one. Unfortunately it was in the apartment office and their was a flood so some of the stuff got ruined and I had to throw some of it in the
garbage but most of the stuff was fine. If you can find the brave heart movie soundtrack that would be great for the next package you send.

This week I had dinner with a family named the Grimmers. They aren't in our Ward but found out that I was from auburn, California and wanted to have dinner with me. So it turns out they both graduated from placer high
in the 80's. Brother Grimmer was best friends with Mike Trentmans brother Terry. And sister grimmer is cousins with Glen Ikeda. Her name is Dorothy Ikeda before she got married. So it was really fun to talk to people from back home and about things in Auburn.

Recently we haven't taught our investigators. We haven't talked to the 2 who were on date because I guess we annoyed them by calling and seeing how they've been doing? Although we did have a few Skype lessons this week from people elder Oyler is teaching on Face book. One of them was a girl who lived in the area as Oyler got her to church sometimes but was never baptized. She messaged him out of the blue and said she wanted to learn more about it. She was like a golden investigator. It's too bad she is in Boise, Idaho,  though so we wouldn't be able to baptize her. We also had 2 Skype lessons with Oylers old investigator named Zohra. She is from Afghanistan and asked Oyler to baptize her. So we are going to her baptism in Alexandria.... 

This week we had an investigator family go to the trunk or treat here which was good and they said they really liked it. They are  really devote Presbyterian but with time maybe something could happen. Other than that we still haven't taught that many people. The works been a little bit slow. But we still stay pretty busy.

Please keep me updated with Holli and the baby with pictures and stuff. John said that they were going to live without guys for the next 5 months? That will be really fun. Today for pday President Riggs is coming to play basketball with our zone. All the elders say that he is pretty good so we will see how he is. It just keeps on getting colder here. I had to wear my big jacket for the first time this week. I'll will send you guys some of the picture of everything that's been going on recently.

Love you all

Elder Frew


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