Sunday, November 30, 2014

Washington DC South Mission: Week 14- November 24, 2014


Farewell Elder Oyler- November 25

"We had the wonderful pleasure of having your elders over for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful and we had so much fun with them. They were well fed.  Thank you for sharing them with us!" Stephanie Gisseman

"We had your elders over Sunday night.  They are so wonderful and we enjoy the time we get to spend with them. We're sad that transfers are this week because that means some of them won't be with us for Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing them with us...they are truly a blessing to us!"
My District

My 2nd Companion: Elder Ames
Hi Family,

So Elder Oyler got transferred Thursday and my new companion is Elder Ames.
He has already been in this ward before and his coming back was kind of
his last wish before his mission is over. He has 3 months left. But
for most of the week we just said goodbye to members that Oyler wanted
to go and see. I am really going to miss Oyler. Elder Ames is very
strict about a lot of things but he is a good missionary. I will
probably learn a lot from him this transfer but it definitely won't be
as relaxed or fun as it was when I was companions with Elder Oyler.
This transfer is 7 weeks instead of the usual 6 because of
Thanksgiving. You already know this but we are having thanksgiving
with the Gisseman family.

This letter is going to be really short because not too much happened
and we are playing football again this week. Hopefully I don't get
clocked again. So last time I said that little flappy thing on the top
of my gums got ripped off. But it's already grown back in a week. It's
so cool how the human body can fix itself. I will send a picture of my
new companion.

I'm doing good. I'm going to baptize someone before the end of the
transfer here in leesburg.
Love you all
Elder Frew

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