Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Washington DC South Mission: Week 12: November 10, 2014

Hey family

Last Monday President Riggs played ball without zone and he was really
good. That was probably the most competitive game I have played out
here so far which was cool. He likes to talk trash though. Not even

On Tuesday we had zone conference with the ashburn zone since I was
sick the day our zone had it. It started at 9 and went to ?. It was
really long, but went by faster than I thought. On Wednesday I went on
exchanges with Elder Sanders which was cool. He was in my mtc district
with me. Transfers are the day before thanksgiving so Elder Oyler will be
gone then and I will have a new companion. I will stay here in
lees burg though. I will also be leading the area which will be
interesting once he's gone. So he has been teaching me about how to do
that sort of stuff.

On Saturday we drove down to Mount Vernon because Elder Oyler was going to
baptize someone he taught in that area. Mount Vernon was a really cool
area. I hope that I get to serve there when I'm done in lees burg. It's
right on the Potomac and the chapel there is built on George
Washington's property. Elder Oyler baptized a Afghanistan woman who he taught
before. He and I had a few Skype lessons with her before her baptism
so I kinda taught here but basically not at all.

I don't have too much else to say. I also don't feel like typing, write
now. I'm doing fine though. I'm finishing up my time with Elder Oyler.
I really wish that we would be having more success. Maybe things will
change these next few weeks. Although we haven't accomplished a ton
missionary wise, my testimony has gotten a lot stronger since being
out here. And I thought that it was pretty good before I left too.

Love you all,

Ps please send me photos of the baby when it comes

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