Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Washington DC South- Week 7- October 6, 2014

Elder Frew soaking in General Conference

So like I said last Monday we went into the city to visit the
holocaust museum. Then on Tuesday we went on exchanges again. I went
with my district leader elder Mathews. That was by far the best
exchange of the ones that I've gone on so far. Elder Mathew's is  really funny. This
week we also taught Randy and Tina. She told us last night that she
has stopped smoking cigarettes. Which was really good because we
haven't even taught her the word of wisdom yet, and that would be the
only thing holding her back from being baptized. Her son Randy also
came with us to the priesthood session of conference with us and he
really liked it. I was kinda surprised that he liked it so much actually....

I have always like general conference because we were able
to stay home and play monopoly while watching it but  I always found it kinda
boring. But this conference I actually enjoyed watching it even though
I still had to get dressed up. I really liked that one guys talk
(klebingat or something). We watched the morning session at the church
and then the later one at a members home. During the Sunday session I
fell asleep during the women speaker and my companion got a picture of it.
Other than that I was awake and alert the whole time ha ha

The last few days here have been pretty cold here. Thanks for sending me sweats,
 gloves and those wool socks. I will probably try and get a winter coat
sometime soon because the cold weather is getting close. I sent a
letter in the mail a few days ago. Let me know when it gets to you.
I'm doing good out here though. I actually have been starting to have
some fun also.

Since I wrote a letter this week you guys don't get as long an email.
Love you all
Elder Frew

Letter 2-via snail mail

Dear Mom and Dad,

I thought that I would start off by thanking you for all that you have ever done for me. More 
specifically I wanted to make sure I thanked you for paying for my college term this summer at 
BYU. I don't ever remember actually telling you thank you for it, I'm sorry I didn't do it in person while
I was still home. 

This week for P-day, we went to the Holocaust museum in Washington DC. It was very sad, but very interesting to me. It was cool to get to go into the actual city of DC. 

I'm  starting to get used to the missionary life and actually having some fun. This Tuesday, I went on exchanges with my district leader Elder Mathews and it was by far the best exchange I've had so far. I really like everyone in our zone. Some of the Elders have told me that its not too often to  have a zone as good as the one I'm in now. This will be the last full week of this transfer. This transfer was only 5 weeks long instead of 6. I'm pretty sure that I will be in this same area for at least another 2. If you guys want to send another care package I will leave you with a list of ideas on the back of this letter. 

Any news flash from the family? Things out here are pretty good. sometimes its really hard, but I think I"m doing pretty well.I am trying to work hard and be obedient. Sometimes I just don't have the motivation. I try and get a little better everyday. Thanks again for everything you both have done for me and all the help you have given me on getting me out here.

I love you both,

Elder Frew

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