Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Washington DC South Mission: Week 9- October 20, 2014

October 27, 2014 : Week 10 : Leesburg, VA

Dear Family
I forgot did Teresa our hairdresser ever come to church with you guys?

------also if you guys send another package will you please buy me the
"brave heart movie soundtrack"----------or if Derek can find a way to
get the music from the movie that would be great!!!!! (Read this)don't
send sweets in the package. We get a lot of it. Beef jerky is good.
My address is still the same 92 heritage way #206

Monday we played bball for pday as usually. Tuesday we I went on
exchange with Elder Morris. He came to my area so I took the lead on
where we should go and what not for the first time which was cool.
Friday We had zone conference except I  threw up 3 times the night
before so we didn't go. Elder Oyler and I are going to another zone
Conference another time soon though. I'm feeling better though. I was
only sick for a day really. It wasn't anything too serious... As the
work goes things haven't been to hot. Those two progressing
investigators we had on date for baptism this month are not interested
anymore. They thought that we were coming over too much and what not.
And we haven't been able to teach them in a long time, probably 3 or 4
weeks. So now we don't really have anyone to teach. I don't understand
what's going on with them. They would always say how much they liked
our church and how they liked ours better than the Catholic Church.
But Elder Oyler was reading her Facebook posts and she said how we were
ticked her off and that she said that she was raised catholic and so
it makes sense to stay. So we think things don't look good for those two.

This week President Riggs had a mission wide call in conference.
President Riggs was just going off on the elders. Their has been a lot
of disobedience going on with the elder missionaries, so that
happened.Other than that I don't have too much to say.

Happy birthday to the following: Daniel frew, Penelope frew, and Holli frew

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