Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Washington DC South Mission- Week 8- October 13, 2014

 Washington DC Temple: Elder Frew & Elder Sanders



Hey everyone,
This week was a weird week. We had our pday on Tuesdays because of a
driving test on Monday and we also had a transfer meeting. At the
meeting we watched the new movie "Meet the Mormons". You guys have
probably heard of that. This week was a pretty slow week. My companion, 
Elder Oyler was sick for a couple of days so on top of meetings and him being sick
we didn't do a whole lot. Our investigators are sick too so we didn't really do
very much teaching today. One of the Elders who 
was in our Ward
 got transferred. Last pday we went to a couple of

thrift stores and I got a pair of Arkansas razorback basketball
shorts.... That story about the skunk was really funny. How did you
get rid of the stinky fella? I already have Johnson's email. I was
able to talk to him a little bit last week.And I'm still at the same
address, I will tell you guys in advance if I do end up getting moved
to another area. We get fed really well in the area I'm serving in. 
 I was able to hear about Chancey this week. I'm glad that I was not the
only one thinking those same thoughts but I pretty sure everyone feels
like that at some point. Hopefully he is doing a lot better though.
The weather is continuing to get colder. Last week I got a coat from
Ross for 40 bucks for when it starts snowing. Everyone is saying how
bad this winter is going to be. I heard it was pretty cold last winter
and this one is suppose to be even worse....I was able to get some 20
pound Dumbbells from a lady in our Ward so now I don't have to use the
couch or curl the 12 pounds 300 times ha ha. Most apartments here have
a gym for people to use but ours doesn't which really stinks.... There
are a bunch of groundhogs here I will try and send a picture of one. I
always think of of the movie "Ground Hog Day" when I see them.

Today we went to the DC temple really early in the morning. I went
with Elder Sanders and a member in their ward because Elder Oyler had
already gone in the last 6 months. Last night the elders who we
switched companions with got there car towed ,so we had to go get it
last night... we didn't end up getting to bed until like 2 am  in the
morning. I probably got less than 3 hours of sleep last night. The
temple here in DC is very beautiful though. It was well worth the
drive and the lack of sleep. I always feel so relaxed after going
through a session now. It was much needed too.

Hope everyone is doing good back home.
Love elder frew
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