Monday, September 15, 2014

Washington DC-South:WEEK 4- September 15

Logan's 19th Birthday: September 20th Happy Birthday Elder Logan Frew

Hey Everyone, 

So we had an interesting week. We had some investigators drop us but

we also picked up a couple of new ones. While we were walking, one of our
investigators  we met an older lady in her 60's wanted to come
to church with us. So we brought her to church and with her special needs son,
even though we haven't began to teach them any lessons yet. But they really liked
church and we are going to meet with them this week and teach them the lessons.
 Her special needs son really knows a lot though. He's really curious and today 
during gospel principles he asked a lot of questions and participated a lot.
We also taught our first lesson to one of our investigators named Collin. 
He is a nice guy. He says that were always welcome in his home and offered
 to beat up anyone that would try and mess with us. He actually
payed attention seemed pretty receptive. 

The other day I had my first success while knocking on doors. We usually
 don't get to talk to that many people or the ones we do are not intersted in talking to us.
 But I knocked on this one door and an Ethiopian family opened the door and took a couple of
Books of Mormon. We are going to try and go over next Sunday and talk
to them a little bit more. But they seem really receptive and interested.
 That was my first successful  door  so I was pretty excited and happy 
that they listened to us.

 We had a pretty cool experience not too long after that. We were heading 
back from tracking and we were going to go vistit a member of the ward. 
But my companion had the thought that we needed to go and visit this one
 lady who had been inactive and has just started to come back to church.
 So when we got to sister Knowlands house her oldest son Robbie was there
 with his family. And Robbie hasn't been to church in like 15 years. And he kept
asking how we knew to come and stop by tonight? I guess we were an answer 
to his prayer because he has been trying to decide if he should go back to
church. I  guess things weren't going so good for him that night and
as soon as we showed up everything changed. That was a cool
experience.  But today, for pday I think that we were going to go
shopping at the outlets, get groceries and then look for weights at
the thrift shop.

Sorry this is so short, internet problems today.

Elder Frew

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