Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Washington DC South- Week 6: September 29,2014

Elder Frew's 19th Birthday cake made by Elder Oyler

Elder Frew's first pday trip to Washington DC, visiting Holocaust museum
This week we had exchanges again. This week I was with elder page he's
from Utah also. Not too much happened this week. It's hard for me to
remember what we did this week because it went by so fast. We did
service for a lady in our ward for a few hours. I got 4 letters this
week which was really nice. I love it when I get letters from people.
I think there was so many this week because the addresses on the were
to the mission home. So I had to wait for my zone leaders to go and
get them from there. Like I said this week went by fast. Nothing too
exciting pretty much the same as past weeks but a little bit less
busy. We're planning on going to DC for pday so hopefully I can get
some good pictures and send them back home to everyone. By the way I
noticed that my letters on my blog have been altered and mom is replacing words for me.
  How did Derek's interviews go? When is Holli 's due for the baby? What's Ryan been up to?
I haven't heard from him yet. Also please give me elder Johnson's
email address. I don't think I told you this but the 2nd day in DC we
had a transfer meeting. And that's where we met our trainers the
afterwards went into the chapel to introduce the greenies to basically
everyone In the mission. But I stood up and introduced myself to
everyone then sat down. Then president Riggs told me to stand up again
and he was like"doesn't he look just like Flynn rider from tangled"?
So now everyone calls me Flynn or Eugene. I don't really see it but
everyone says I do. And the assistants put a picture of Flynn rider
next to mine picture on the transfer board in the mission home. I
think I forgot to tell you that story in my earlier emails. So
remember that one lady Diana one of our investigators. She's the one
who gave us the speakers and gave a couple elders the dre beats. She
gave me and tie for my birthday. And she also gave me a bunch of mail
supplies which was really nice. So you guys sold the the sequoia to
the cobabes ?what car do you guys take to go places altogether.
Tomorrow were going to go to the Holocaust museum in DC. I will try
and send you guys the pictures when I get a chance. I will also try
and send a letter back home sometime soon.

Love you all
-elder frew


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