Monday, September 22, 2014

Washington DC-South-Week 5- September 22, 2014

Elder Oyler and Elder Frew

Thanks for the two packages you sent. It was fun to get  packages
finally. This last week was really good. So Randy and Tina the mom
and the special needs boy committed to be baptized in November. We
taught two lessons this week to them. We taught the restoration to
them and the spirit was very strong. When we're teaching people Elder
Oyler usually let's me go over the first Vision during the lessons.
But as I was reciting the first Vision to them I could just feel the
spirit so strong. And usually I miss a couple of words but that night
I got it perfect. That lesson was a very cool experience for me. It's
moments like those that are why I really wanted to go on a mission.
But hopefully things keep going smooth with Randy and Tina. 

 This last week I also went on my first exchange. The elder I went with has 
only been out on his mission for like 50 days or something. So first of all
were biking and we bike for like15 minutes out of our way to see our
investigator and we get lost and he's like oh we were suppose to
go left back there so we start heading back to where were suppose to
be. And he almost got smashed by a car twice. But then were crossing
the street and instead of stopping at the intersection he just doesn't
look and keeps going. And it was totally his fault but he ran into the
car and his bike went under the car and got crushed. Although he was
perfectly fine. But I tried as hard as I could not to laugh but a
little but still came out. It was sooooooo funny to see him
have a close encounter with a mini can. Hahahaha. But anyway so
to make a long story short my first exchange was OK.  

 I feel so blessed to have Elder Oyler as my companion. I love this guy.
 For my birthday he made me breakfast and took me out to five guys for dinner.
A family in the ward took me and another set of missionaries to this 5 star
 restaurant for my birthday. This place was really nice. The area that I'm in right
 now is one of the wealthiest counties in America. We went to a fireside last night in
center ville and brought our investigator Diana. She's a nice lady. 
She is a really successful lawyer and I guess was one of the first women to argue in
some sort of supreme court case.
 I'm tired of typing so this is
all you guys get for this week.
Love you all
Elder Frew

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