Monday, September 1, 2014

Last Week in MTC

Hey everyone,

This last week we had TRC which was when you basically teach investigators that are already members but just acting like their not. I've learned alot from those. I have kind of a funny story. So we were  in a TRC teaching session and our investigator Don, and I'm  doing most of the teaching and  about to turn it over to my companion Elder Barnes.  When I turn it over to  him he looks at me like a deer in the headlights and is like "What? Um Elder Frew where are we at?" Although it was kinda of distracting it was really funny. Despite how different we are we actually get along really well. He is one of those kids that makes you laugh.  This week was alot better than the 1st week. It went by really fast actually compared to the first 5 days. It feels like I have been in the MTC for months but ive only been here for 10  days. Dallin and chancey and I all had dinner last night together in the MTC Cafeteria which was fun. That was the first time all three of us saw each other at the same time. I see chancey close to everyday. I've seen Dallin like 3 times this week. By the way I fly out wednesday morning, September 3rd. 

 I went to the temple last week and will be going again today which is good. The second time was alot better than the 1st time went. On most days when they give us gym time I will usually go and lift weights in the gym. I've only played  basketball once since I've been here. I will probably go and shoot today. Im doing laundry right now while im emailing. But im not exactly sure what you need to send me for DC? I will just email you the stuff i need when I get there. I don't have alot of time to write today. Things in the MTC aren't that exciting. I'm always exhausted. Next week I will probably have alot more exiting things to talk about.Tell everyone I love them.


Elder Frew

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