Monday, September 8, 2014

First Week in Washington DC Mission

Elder Oyler and Elder Frew (My first companion)

Hey everyone,
I had a lot of things happen this week. So Wethis this morning we left for Washington, DC at 3:30 in the morning. We had a 3 hour layover in Minnesota. But we arrived at the DC airport at around 4ish where we were met by President Biggs and his 2 assistants. One of his assistants played on the Lone Peak basketball team the year that they were the best in the nation. But from what I here from all the elders, President  Biggs is really good at basketball and very competitive. It was very cool driving through Washington DC on Wednesday. I was told by the assistants that we can go visit DC once every transfer (that's every six weeks). But we only get to go to the DC temple once every 6 months. After we got picked up from the airport we stayed the first night at the presidents home. 

The next morning we got up pretty early and went to the church where we got our iPads, debit cards and that kind of stuff. An  hour later we went into another room and we met out trainers.

 My trainers name is Elder Oyler. He's from Filer Idaho (By Twin Falls). I'm really glad I got him as a trainer. He played basketball in high school and he's really nice to me. The first morning he made me breakfast which already put him on my good side. 

 The ward here is really great! We always have a dinner appointment and they are really kind. It feels like home when we go to the members homes to eat. 

This week I had my first crash on my bike. I was going up a really steep hill, and trying to pick up speed but as I started hauling it was too late I realized there was a ditch before the top of the hill. I slammed on my brakes and
I hit the ditch and went over the top of my handlebars. I also got my first flat tire Sunday night when we were knocking on doors. 

This mission also plays a lot of basketball on p-day which is great.  Today for our p-day we got up and we were suppose to exercise for 30 minutes  but I was too tired I just sat there for 20 minutes and  then for the last ten minutes I  just tried to do some yoga poses. Then we had to study for a few hours and went shopping.

One thing I didn't know about the mission is that it's called p-days but really it's just p-hours.  We don't start till ten am and we begin proselyting again by 6:00pm.  

 By the way our apartment does not have a gym and there's not really any equipment in the apartment. So this week I started to curl the the sofas and using the couches for working out. I would take a towel and wrap it around a propane tank and use that for triceps extensions and arm curls. My companion started laughing at me doing it and took some pictures. Tell Daniel that it actually worked pretty well ha ha. .When I get a chance I will send the MTC photos home.... 

But I'm starting to get use to the missionary life. I will be on a bike for a while though which I guess is fine.  The area here is really pretty.  It's very humid and hot still but those last few days it's been raining so it's been very cool. We actually haven't taught a real lesson yet. We have been visiting lots of people and knocking on lots of doors. 

I'm really excited to be in this mission. I think that it will be a great place for me. My first week has been great. I love you all! 

Elder Logan Frew

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