Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Washington DC South- Week 6: September 29,2014

Elder Frew's 19th Birthday cake made by Elder Oyler

Elder Frew's first pday trip to Washington DC, visiting Holocaust museum
This week we had exchanges again. This week I was with elder page he's
from Utah also. Not too much happened this week. It's hard for me to
remember what we did this week because it went by so fast. We did
service for a lady in our ward for a few hours. I got 4 letters this
week which was really nice. I love it when I get letters from people.
I think there was so many this week because the addresses on the were
to the mission home. So I had to wait for my zone leaders to go and
get them from there. Like I said this week went by fast. Nothing too
exciting pretty much the same as past weeks but a little bit less
busy. We're planning on going to DC for pday so hopefully I can get
some good pictures and send them back home to everyone. By the way I
noticed that my letters on my blog have been altered and mom is replacing words for me.
  How did Derek's interviews go? When is Holli 's due for the baby? What's Ryan been up to?
I haven't heard from him yet. Also please give me elder Johnson's
email address. I don't think I told you this but the 2nd day in DC we
had a transfer meeting. And that's where we met our trainers the
afterwards went into the chapel to introduce the greenies to basically
everyone In the mission. But I stood up and introduced myself to
everyone then sat down. Then president Riggs told me to stand up again
and he was like"doesn't he look just like Flynn rider from tangled"?
So now everyone calls me Flynn or Eugene. I don't really see it but
everyone says I do. And the assistants put a picture of Flynn rider
next to mine picture on the transfer board in the mission home. I
think I forgot to tell you that story in my earlier emails. So
remember that one lady Diana one of our investigators. She's the one
who gave us the speakers and gave a couple elders the dre beats. She
gave me and tie for my birthday. And she also gave me a bunch of mail
supplies which was really nice. So you guys sold the the sequoia to
the cobabes ?what car do you guys take to go places altogether.
Tomorrow were going to go to the Holocaust museum in DC. I will try
and send you guys the pictures when I get a chance. I will also try
and send a letter back home sometime soon.

Love you all
-elder frew


Monday, September 22, 2014

Washington DC-South-Week 5- September 22, 2014

Elder Oyler and Elder Frew

Thanks for the two packages you sent. It was fun to get  packages
finally. This last week was really good. So Randy and Tina the mom
and the special needs boy committed to be baptized in November. We
taught two lessons this week to them. We taught the restoration to
them and the spirit was very strong. When we're teaching people Elder
Oyler usually let's me go over the first Vision during the lessons.
But as I was reciting the first Vision to them I could just feel the
spirit so strong. And usually I miss a couple of words but that night
I got it perfect. That lesson was a very cool experience for me. It's
moments like those that are why I really wanted to go on a mission.
But hopefully things keep going smooth with Randy and Tina. 

 This last week I also went on my first exchange. The elder I went with has 
only been out on his mission for like 50 days or something. So first of all
were biking and we bike for like15 minutes out of our way to see our
investigator and we get lost and he's like oh we were suppose to
go left back there so we start heading back to where were suppose to
be. And he almost got smashed by a car twice. But then were crossing
the street and instead of stopping at the intersection he just doesn't
look and keeps going. And it was totally his fault but he ran into the
car and his bike went under the car and got crushed. Although he was
perfectly fine. But I tried as hard as I could not to laugh but a
little but still came out. It was sooooooo funny to see him
have a close encounter with a mini can. Hahahaha. But anyway so
to make a long story short my first exchange was OK.  

 I feel so blessed to have Elder Oyler as my companion. I love this guy.
 For my birthday he made me breakfast and took me out to five guys for dinner.
A family in the ward took me and another set of missionaries to this 5 star
 restaurant for my birthday. This place was really nice. The area that I'm in right
 now is one of the wealthiest counties in America. We went to a fireside last night in
center ville and brought our investigator Diana. She's a nice lady. 
She is a really successful lawyer and I guess was one of the first women to argue in
some sort of supreme court case.
 I'm tired of typing so this is
all you guys get for this week.
Love you all
Elder Frew

Monday, September 15, 2014

Washington DC-South:WEEK 4- September 15

Logan's 19th Birthday: September 20th Happy Birthday Elder Logan Frew

Hey Everyone, 

So we had an interesting week. We had some investigators drop us but

we also picked up a couple of new ones. While we were walking, one of our
investigators  we met an older lady in her 60's wanted to come
to church with us. So we brought her to church and with her special needs son,
even though we haven't began to teach them any lessons yet. But they really liked
church and we are going to meet with them this week and teach them the lessons.
 Her special needs son really knows a lot though. He's really curious and today 
during gospel principles he asked a lot of questions and participated a lot.
We also taught our first lesson to one of our investigators named Collin. 
He is a nice guy. He says that were always welcome in his home and offered
 to beat up anyone that would try and mess with us. He actually
payed attention seemed pretty receptive. 

The other day I had my first success while knocking on doors. We usually
 don't get to talk to that many people or the ones we do are not intersted in talking to us.
 But I knocked on this one door and an Ethiopian family opened the door and took a couple of
Books of Mormon. We are going to try and go over next Sunday and talk
to them a little bit more. But they seem really receptive and interested.
 That was my first successful  door  so I was pretty excited and happy 
that they listened to us.

 We had a pretty cool experience not too long after that. We were heading 
back from tracking and we were going to go vistit a member of the ward. 
But my companion had the thought that we needed to go and visit this one
 lady who had been inactive and has just started to come back to church.
 So when we got to sister Knowlands house her oldest son Robbie was there
 with his family. And Robbie hasn't been to church in like 15 years. And he kept
asking how we knew to come and stop by tonight? I guess we were an answer 
to his prayer because he has been trying to decide if he should go back to
church. I  guess things weren't going so good for him that night and
as soon as we showed up everything changed. That was a cool
experience.  But today, for pday I think that we were going to go
shopping at the outlets, get groceries and then look for weights at
the thrift shop.

Sorry this is so short, internet problems today.

Elder Frew

Sunday, September 14, 2014

MTC Pictures- Provo, Utah

Elder Trentman and Elder Frew MTC Days

Elder Frew with Ryan Frew
Elder Frew with cousin Tony Padgett

Monday, September 8, 2014

First Week in Washington DC Mission

Elder Oyler and Elder Frew (My first companion)

Hey everyone,
I had a lot of things happen this week. So Wethis this morning we left for Washington, DC at 3:30 in the morning. We had a 3 hour layover in Minnesota. But we arrived at the DC airport at around 4ish where we were met by President Biggs and his 2 assistants. One of his assistants played on the Lone Peak basketball team the year that they were the best in the nation. But from what I here from all the elders, President  Biggs is really good at basketball and very competitive. It was very cool driving through Washington DC on Wednesday. I was told by the assistants that we can go visit DC once every transfer (that's every six weeks). But we only get to go to the DC temple once every 6 months. After we got picked up from the airport we stayed the first night at the presidents home. 

The next morning we got up pretty early and went to the church where we got our iPads, debit cards and that kind of stuff. An  hour later we went into another room and we met out trainers.

 My trainers name is Elder Oyler. He's from Filer Idaho (By Twin Falls). I'm really glad I got him as a trainer. He played basketball in high school and he's really nice to me. The first morning he made me breakfast which already put him on my good side. 

 The ward here is really great! We always have a dinner appointment and they are really kind. It feels like home when we go to the members homes to eat. 

This week I had my first crash on my bike. I was going up a really steep hill, and trying to pick up speed but as I started hauling it was too late I realized there was a ditch before the top of the hill. I slammed on my brakes and
I hit the ditch and went over the top of my handlebars. I also got my first flat tire Sunday night when we were knocking on doors. 

This mission also plays a lot of basketball on p-day which is great.  Today for our p-day we got up and we were suppose to exercise for 30 minutes  but I was too tired I just sat there for 20 minutes and  then for the last ten minutes I  just tried to do some yoga poses. Then we had to study for a few hours and went shopping.

One thing I didn't know about the mission is that it's called p-days but really it's just p-hours.  We don't start till ten am and we begin proselyting again by 6:00pm.  

 By the way our apartment does not have a gym and there's not really any equipment in the apartment. So this week I started to curl the the sofas and using the couches for working out. I would take a towel and wrap it around a propane tank and use that for triceps extensions and arm curls. My companion started laughing at me doing it and took some pictures. Tell Daniel that it actually worked pretty well ha ha. .When I get a chance I will send the MTC photos home.... 

But I'm starting to get use to the missionary life. I will be on a bike for a while though which I guess is fine.  The area here is really pretty.  It's very humid and hot still but those last few days it's been raining so it's been very cool. We actually haven't taught a real lesson yet. We have been visiting lots of people and knocking on lots of doors. 

I'm really excited to be in this mission. I think that it will be a great place for me. My first week has been great. I love you all! 

Elder Logan Frew

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thursday, September 4,2014- Officially in Washington, DC

Hey Mom and Dad, 

 I made it to DC safely. President Biggs my mission president met us at the
airport. He's a really cool guy. Today we had a transfer meeting and I met my trainer. 
His names Elder Oyler. I really like him. We were out walking around today and he 
 said I could email you guys if I want. I don't want to spent too much time today though. 
I will tell you more on my pday. 

Love, Elder Logan Frew

Monday, September 1, 2014

Last Week in MTC

Hey everyone,

This last week we had TRC which was when you basically teach investigators that are already members but just acting like their not. I've learned alot from those. I have kind of a funny story. So we were  in a TRC teaching session and our investigator Don, and I'm  doing most of the teaching and  about to turn it over to my companion Elder Barnes.  When I turn it over to  him he looks at me like a deer in the headlights and is like "What? Um Elder Frew where are we at?" Although it was kinda of distracting it was really funny. Despite how different we are we actually get along really well. He is one of those kids that makes you laugh.  This week was alot better than the 1st week. It went by really fast actually compared to the first 5 days. It feels like I have been in the MTC for months but ive only been here for 10  days. Dallin and chancey and I all had dinner last night together in the MTC Cafeteria which was fun. That was the first time all three of us saw each other at the same time. I see chancey close to everyday. I've seen Dallin like 3 times this week. By the way I fly out wednesday morning, September 3rd. 

 I went to the temple last week and will be going again today which is good. The second time was alot better than the 1st time went. On most days when they give us gym time I will usually go and lift weights in the gym. I've only played  basketball once since I've been here. I will probably go and shoot today. Im doing laundry right now while im emailing. But im not exactly sure what you need to send me for DC? I will just email you the stuff i need when I get there. I don't have alot of time to write today. Things in the MTC aren't that exciting. I'm always exhausted. Next week I will probably have alot more exiting things to talk about.Tell everyone I love them.


Elder Frew